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B’oi kallah, B’oi Shabbos Malkah

The Shabbos event, by the renowned Tzohar Kiruv Rechokim organization, will take place this coming Shabbos IYH”, in The Hilton of Tel Aviv. We have 132 people signed up and we have another 83 precious, secular yidden, on a waiting list. Sponsor a yid to keep Shabbos!!! For the next 36 hours, until Thursday night 12:00 AM, you can earn the zehus of another yid keeping Shabbos! With your $120 we can make the call, and let another one of our brothers know that he too can be a part of the Shabbos event!!

Don't lose the deal you will never regret! For the next 36 hours only!

Additionally, all "Just One Shabbos” sponsors, will get a certificate stating:

Tzohar brings them closer to home.

You brings them closer to home.

Closer to Hashem, closer to torah u’mitzvos,
and closer to their parents.

Your donation will be the catalyst of something so great.

Awake the Spark